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Brain Shot Therapies

Experience for yourself how the new Brain Shot Therapies in Medical Medium Brain Saver and its companion title, Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes can help you when you’re up against physical and emotional challenges and toxic exposures that are impacting your health.

Medical Medium Brain Shots are specially formulated:

The Medical Medium Brain Shots are specially formulated to have the ability to reset and rewire the brain, to shock it out of patterns while at the same time reducing triggers. 

These Brain Shots are special configurations synergistically combined just right to crack the code of how fruits, herbs, leafy greens, wild foods, and vegetables can work as medicine.

These Brain Shots aren’t tasty delights thrown together for fun and experimentation. The healing shots of Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy are tools that come from above. 

These Brain Shots are composed of specific combinations of ingredients working together systematically for specific reasons that only a source above could know. 

The relationships among these ingredients are intricate and unknown to anyone. Until now, this knowledge from above has remained untapped.

You can use Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy for instant relief while you’re working to fix problems at a deeper level in your brain, nervous system, and body with Medical Medium information and books.

You can follow the instructions in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes for how to use these Brain Shot Therapies to get the best results. 

Below you will find a list of the Brain Shot Therapy recipes included in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes.

Brain Shot Therapy Brain Shot Therapy

What kinds of Brain Shots are there?

There are three different types of Medical Medium Brain Shots:

Exposure Brain Shots:

Medical Medium Exposure Brain Shot Therapies are here for you when you or a loved one have been exposed to pathogens such as colds and flus, EBV, herpes simplex, or streptococcus; toxins such as mold, EMF, and toxic heavy metals; or negative energy. All of these exposures can be detrimental to your health, so these Brain Shots give you a powerful to address their impact in the moment.

The Exposure Brain Shots be administered before an exposure, during an exposure, shortly after an exposure, or even days, weeks, or months after an exposure.

Exposure Brain Shots:

- Toxic Fragrances Exposure

- Pesticide, Herbicide, And Fungicide Exposure

- Negative Energy Exposure

- Toxic Heavy Metals Exposure

- Pathogen Exposure

- Radiation Exposure

- EMF and 5G Exposure

- Mold Exposure

- Pharmaceutical Exposure

- Chem Trails Exposure

Brain Shot Therapy: Exposures Brain Shot Therapy: Exposures

Shifter Brain Shots

The world is getting so complicated in so many ways, and we’re being pushed in so many different directions, it’s easy to get confused or stuck in a pattern that is not helpful to the healing process. The Medical Medium Shifter Brain Shot Therapies are designed to help shift our direction so our body can shift and heal and our emotional frame of mind can break a pattern or confinement that the complications of this world have created.

These Shifter Brain Shots are unlike anything else you will find out there. They are completely original and special in how they work to support physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Shifter Brain Shots:

- Anger Shifter

- Energy Shifter

- Cravings Shifter

- Ego Shifter

- Mood Shifter

- Dreams Shifter

- Guilt And Shame Shifter

- Nerve Shifter

- Food Fear Shifter

- Obsessive Thoughts Shifter

Brain Shot Therapy Brain Shot Therapy

Stabilizer Brain Shots:

Life on planet Earth is difficult. We are up against endless challenges that make it hard to thrive and be healthy. We need more support than ever before to be able to cope with all we are up against and rise above it. The Medical Medium Stabilizer Brain Shot Therapies are designed to stabilize you in an increasingly destabilizing world.

These Brain Shots that come from above are here to help you with burnout, trauma, loss, speaking your truth, connecting to your intuition and purpose, and much more.

Stabilizer Brain Shots:

- Adrenal Fight or Flight Stabilizer

- Relationship Breakups Stabilizer

- Speaking Your Truth Stabilizer

- Sleep and Recharging Stabilizer

- Trauma, Shock, And Loss Stabilizer

- Burnout Stabilizer

- Finding Your Purpose Stabilizer

- Wisdom And Intuition Stabilizer

- Nerve Gut Acid Stabilizer

- Betrayal and Broken Trust Stabilizer

Brain Shot Therapy Brain Shot Therapy


Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy offers instant relief while you’re working to fix problems at a deeper level in your brain, nervous system, and body. Find out more about the Brain Shot Therapies in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols.